One of the most important factors in purchasing anything for children is, how easy is it to clean? So we have outlined our suggested cleaning methods for our products, but with everything, do what works for you and your family.

Bow Ties

All of Alexandra Michael Children's Company bow ties are hand wash and air dry.

  1. Wash by hand in cold to lukewarm water with mild detergent.
  2. Do not twist, scrub aggressively, or use abrasive items on the bow ties.
  3. Reshape the bow tie if it became misshapen during the washing process.
  4. Air dry.
  5. Your bow tie is now ready to wear!

We know that parents are busy bunch, we have our own to chase after, so we know that hand washing is not always on the top of the to do list. And kids, well... will be kids and inevitable dirty something you thought could never get dirty. So if you want to throw your bow tie in the wash, it will probably be just fine, but we can't guarantee that it will. With any clothing there might be dye transfer, fabric discoloration, loss of shape, or broken parts. We suggest that if you need to machine wash and dry your bow tie to consider these suggestions: place in a mesh wash bag for extra safety, wash with like colors, in cool water with mild detergent, and on a gentle cycle, followed by a low tumble dry setting.




All of Alexandra Michael Children’s Company headbands are spot clean only. 

  1. Using a soft cloth, dampen with cool water.
  2. Gently rub the spot needing to be cleaned, being careful not to rub too hard.
  3. If needed, use cool water mixed with mild detergent to dampen the cloth.
  4. Reshape the petals of the flowers, or band as needed.
  5. Air dry.
  6. Your headband is now ready to wear!

We know parents look for easy care garments and accessories, so we know that items that can’t be machine washed are not our favorite things, we are just as guilty of this bias as the next parent, trust us. However, a quick spot clean will generally do the trick when needing to clean your headband. An occasional hand wash might be needed, because well... kids seem to have this uncanny knack for getting everything dirty. In this case just follow the steps outlined for caring for bow ties when needing to hand wash your headband. And if you find yourself staring down a headband that is just so unbelievably dirty, you can probably machine wash it and it turn out just fine, but we just can’t guarantee that it will survive. With any clothing or accessory the risks of machine washing are dye transfer, fabric discoloration, loss of shape, or broken parts.  In the event that you need them, here are our suggestions for machine washing your headbands: place in mesh washing bag for extra protection, wash with like colors, wash in cool water with mild detergent, on a gentle cycle, and air dry.

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